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Thank you for visiting King Barrel. As an eco friendly up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and our offers.

At present, King Barrels is established yet still growing as we are coming up with new ideas and know that there are many creative uses for barrels. We are making an effort to present you with unique quality products. We will keep you up to date in our Barrel of Pictures page as we create new barrel ideas.

All barrels come from wineries all over California,

In the meantime you can reach us at 951-545-2644. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address:

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

We at King Barrel know that setting the mood for a special event will call for special items that you may not have on hand.  We offer a variety of rental items such as table tops,  Beverage coolers, a varity of decor and accessories.  We are located in Southern California and offer deliver and pickup service for a fee.  We do ask that you browse our galleries to get idea and info about rentals.  If you would like to get a quote fill out the Rental Request form located on the bottom of this page.

Contact us with any questions Monique (951) 531-5525 *We do not provide quotes over the phone please fill out the form below

Barrels and Table Tops

Barrel with Wooden T-Pole

We offer a wide selection of barrels as well as 8ft or 6ft wood tops or wooden spool round table tops.  Depending on your theme or preferred choice we offer both wine and whiskey barrels.  The difference between the two are the color.  Wine barrels are the blond light oak barrels with silver galvanized rings and whiskey barrels are darker oak barrels with rusty rings.  Please specify which type of barrels you like if you have a preference.  The wooden table tops are great for food stations, desert bar, gift table or anything that may needed.   


Wine Barrels 35"-37"  high $25 each

Whiskey Barrels 35" high  -$25 each

8ft x 33.5"  (approximately) table tops -$15 each /Table set $65

6ftx 33.5 (approximately)  table tops -$15 each /Table set $65

Round wooden spool top (top only) 32"in - 36in Diameter  *Not finished or sanded down-$10 each/ Table set $35

Whole spool $20 each * Variety of sizes available

Barrel with black umbrella and spool top set $45

6ft Eating table set (includes two 3/4 barrels with 6ft top)  $50 / Eating table set with Benches $70

Wood folding chairs $2.50 each *Only 50 available

Metal like stools $2.50 each * 60 available

T-Pole Barrels are great way to string lights in an open area.  Can be used with our 8ft or 6ft tables for functional tables.  Spool tops can also be used with the pole in the middle for extra space. Hang decorations like birdhouses or lanterns.   Be creative with your hanging décor.  Includes barrel and t-pole.  Tables are separate


$35 each includes barrel and pole

$45 barrel, pole and spool top

poles come in either 10 ft high or 8.5ft




Beverage Coolers, Trash Cans and Keg Holders

Our Beverage coolers are perfect to store water, beverages, beer and chill wine.  We currently offer 2 styles.  Both are open for easy access.  Beverage coolers are meant for outdoor use and may leak a bit.  Half coolers come with plastic insert.  


Half barrel Beverage cooler-$35

Whole barrel Beverage cooler with rack- $45

Trash Can comes with 31 gal galvnized insert $30

Keg Holder comes with 31 gal. galanized insert $30

*We do not provide trash bags

Finishing Touches

Looking for a unique way to say what you gotta say? Or Maybe you got that amazing picture that needs to rest on an easel.   Write your menu or a special message on our chalkboards.  It's the finishing touches that make your special day even more perfect. Be creative as we provide the tools to do it!  Looking for some décor to dress up your event or fun activities to play we got a few for you.


  • Easel - $15

  • Barrel end Chalk Board 23" Diameter Needs to rest on something sturdy , does not include a stand $10

  • Score Board chalk board. Can sit on top of a table or flat surface. $10

  • Wagon Wheel. Wood wheels are larger in size than metal. Both styles available $15

  • Oval Galvanized bins (small) use for candy keep sakes*15.5 x 12.5 Depth 8.5" $10

  • Oval Galvanized bins (large) Can be used as coolers $15

  • Extra Large wood crate. Wood Crate can be used to string pictures and lights $15

  • Large Wooden box crates. Add height to a display at a desert table or food station. 24 x 18 x 6 $10

  • Small 16 x 9.5 x 5 depth and Medium wooden box crates $5

  • Metal box set $30 (6) metal boxes

  • Giant Jenga game with small spool base $25 *kid size version also available for $20

  • Cornhole game $25

  • Connect 4 Game $25

  • 6ft wooden benches $15 each

  • Lighted signs "Arrow", "Eat" and "Love" $10 each or 2 for $15

  • Marriage wood pallet seating sign $25

  • Graduation pallet sign

  • Take a seat board $20

  • Heart and love signs $10 or 3 (1 love sign and 2 small hearts) made from rings and staves from the barrels. $25

  • Double sided backdrop Saloon or wood pallet $75

  • Red Wheel cart $30 *only 1 available

  • White cart with roof $40 *only 1 available

  • White side table with shelf (1) $25 (2) $40 *only 2 available



Custom pieces and gifts

Email for pricing and additional information

King Barrels recommended list of services


Frank Torres with Nuclear 64.  Frank and his team are amazing!  He does a beautiful job of capturing those special moments in our life.  He has done most of our photos on our website (not all) but we have used him again and again because he takes artistic photos with his camera.  Check out his work and book him asap!

Portable Restrooms

United site services offers a wide variety of portable restroom needs.  Contact Natalie Hinojosa for a quote and options available

Photo Booth

Bellas Selfie Booth Contact Melissa Call 909-297-8699 or email

Mad props Call 951-264-4026 also visit their facebook page

Rental Info and  most commonly asked ?'s

Delivery and pick up options

Delivery is available upon request for a delivery and pick up fee.  If choosing us to deliver and pick up your rental be advised we will deliver your items on a Thursday or Friday prior to your event and will pick up the following Monday or Tuesday.  We do not provide weekend deliveries or pick ups.  We can schedule deliveries and pickups for week day events also.  It is recommended that you reserve your date at least 1-2 months in advance as we can fill up quickly and are limited to deliveries based on availability and area reserved in advance.  Plan accordingly if your event is at a venue for the delivery and pick up dates and times. 

Customer arrangement for pick up from our Norco Location is available also.  You have the option to arrange for a pick up and return of your items.  Rental is good for 3-5 days and can be picked up the Thursday or Friday Prior to your event and returned the following Monday or Tuesday.  We try not to schedule weekend pick ups and returns as we need someone from King Barrel to be present to assist.

Fees and cancellations

Once a rental agreement is signed, completed and sent back we will charge a $25 reservation fee.  This can be paid via cash, credit card or check.  This fee will be applied towards your rental amount.  If for any reason your event is cancelled the $25 reservation fee in non-refundable.  An email response is appreciated in the event of a cancellation.  

Availability of items

If you are looking for barrels whether it be wine or whiskey we usually have a huge inventory of both.  We are limited on 6ft and 8ft tops.  We also have a huge amount of spool tops.  However we are limited with all other items such as beverage coolers, trash cans and keg holders, chalkboards, easels and accessories such as wooden boxes, wooden wheels, milk cans and our barrels with T-poles.  This is why we recommend putting in a request as soon as possible 1-3 months in advance is highly recommended especially during the spring and summer months.   

Where is King Barrel located?

Our company is located in Southern California.  Norco is where our rentals items are stored.  We do not carry any of our Rental items at any of our other locations other than Norco.  If you decide to have the rental picked up and returned it will be from 2185 Del Mar Rd, Norco CA 92860.  We do not rent out of state.  Sorry

How do I get a quote?????

The best way to get a quote is by filling out the rental request form located on this page.  We do not give quotes or take rental orders over the phone.  Please give it a day or two for us to respond to your quote.  However I am always happy to assist with any questions over the phone. 

Please be courteous!!!

When you decide to move forward and we send you a rental agreement and you decide for whatever reason not to move forward with us please notify us.  I count you as a priority if other requests come in afterwards for that weekend.  I will usually send you and email asking for status update on returning the rental agreement.  If I have to send out two emails I will automatically take your request out and you will loose out if you decide to move forward at a later time.   As mentioned before we are limited on deliveries and certain items so cancelling is very important especially if I have other requests for the same dates.   Your reservation is not finalized till I receive it back signed and with payment info. 

How long is my rental good for?

Rentals are generally available for 3-5 days.  We do not charge per day however if you keep a rental for more than 6 days additional fees will be applied. 

Rental Request Form

Name *
Please provide an itemized list of items you are looking to rent. Thank you Ex: 6 barrels 3 (8ft) tops 2 medium boxes and 3 small
Wine barrels are light colored oak with silver galvanized rings. Whiskey barrels are dark colored oak with rusty rings. *Please note that premade items may only be available in wine or whiskey.
Please check which size table is being requested
Please put the date of your event.
Address for delivery and pick up
Address for delivery and pick up
If you are requesting a Delivery and Pick up please provide the address of the location.
Select which day you prefer to pick up your rental or have your rental delivered. If you select other please provide date(s) in above rental request info.

Rental amount vs. Retail Deposit

Upon receiving a rental agreement you will see your rental itemized on a general rental agreement.  We will only charge for the actual rental and delivery fee for your event.  You will also notice an itemized line of your rental for the retail amount of what you are renting.  We do not put a hold on your credit card nor do we cash your check if one is given.  In the event that items are missing or damaged King Barrel will charge accordingly to the missing or damaged items.  This amount is put on the rental agreement so that our customers know the value of what is being rented. 

If I already have an agreement, how do I make changes?

In the event that your event gets closer and you need to add items or take any out please do so via email.  Once I get them I will revise the agreement and send it back for approval.  You will not need to complete and send it back.  Please be advised that if you decide to add delivery and pick up after you agreed to arrange for pick in Norco Fees may be higher than originally quoted.  Depending if our trucks are full and where your event is located. 

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